Summer 2 Week 2

We have been looking at floating and sinking.

We have been looking at odd and even sharing in maths.

We sorted out pictures of different places into ‘Home’ (England) and ‘Away’ (different countries) groups.

We played double bingo in maths.

The Pre-School children have been looking at life cycles.

Summer 2 Week 1

We have been looking at old and new transport.

We have been testing to see which materials are absorbent and which are waterproof.

The Pre-School children enjoyed looking at seasons and then looking for signs of Summer.

We talked about the Good News in our collective worship and reflected on this.

Summer Term 1 Week 4

In maths, we have been looking at subtraction.

We have also been looking at shapes.

We brought in our teddies from home to look at.

The Pre-School children read ‘Giraffes Can’t Dance’ and then moved like different animals.

We made streamers in RE and danced with them to celebrate the Good News!

Summer Term 1 Week 2

We read the story of ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’. We then went on our own bear hunt!


We have been looking at number patterns in maths.

In Art, we have been manipulating play dough.

We have been looking at making numbers to 30 using numicon.

We were blown away with Adrian Bowden’s Travelling Science Show! We learnt more about materials, observed and took part in some exciting investigations and answered lots of questions using some fantastic scientific vocabulary. What an exciting morning!

We brought our own teddies in and spoke about them.


We enjoyed our school disco!

Spring 2 Week 6

We looked at height in maths.

We are enjoying our PE sessions practising our different skills. This week we looked at throwing and catching.

Fantastic effort from Class 1 with their boiled eggs and bonnets.

We experimented to see which materials would make a good waterproof coat for Super Sam.

We made Easter nests.