Summer 1 Week 6

We enjoyed participating in PE outside.

We painted our clay bears.

We made jelly for our Teddy Bears’ picnic.

We have been looking at shapes in maths.

We have been learning different sounds in phonics.

We enjoyed our Teddy Bears’ Picnic.

The Pre-School children have been blowing and popping bubbles.

Summer 1 Week 3

The children are enjoying joining in with coronation activities for King Charles lll. We listened to the national anthem.

In maths, the children have been looking at ordinal language. They had a teddy bear race and organised themselves in the correct positions.

We enjoy playing phonics games.

We enjoyed creating pictures out of natural materials.

The Pre-School children have been looking at counting objects and one less in maths.

The children shared the name of their teddy bears and why they are special.

Summer 1 Week 2

The Pre-School children have been making their names out of different media.

The Reception children went on a bear hunt after reading ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’. They followed maps to find the bear! They had lots of fun doing this!


The children love looking at their learning journals.

We have been acting out the story in continuous provision.

We played a subtraction game in maths.

We manipulated playdough in different ways.

We made name tags for our teddy bears.

In collective worship, we talked about the ‘Good Samaritan’ and how to be like him.

Summer 1 Week 1

We have busy in continuous provision!

We have been looking at the story of ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’. We acted this story out.

We have been looking at doubles in maths.

We have been manipulating clay with our fingers.

We painted pictures of bears from ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’.

We looked at representing numbers in different ways.

We have also been looking at doubles in maths.



Spring 2 Week 6

We have been practising our throwing and catching skills in PE using different equipment.

We have been looking at animals and their babies.

We have been looking at the Easter Story.

We enjoyed following the clues to find the Easter eggs with Class 4. We had so much fun!

We planted some potatoes.

In maths, we played 3D shape bingo.

We made chocolate Easter nests.

These are our wonderful Easter boiled egg and bonnet entries…

The winners…

We carried out an investigation to see which material would make the best coat for our monkey ‘Silly Milly’. We tested different materials and found rubber and plastic bags (polythene) would make the best waterproof coats.



Spring 2 Week 5

Our ducklings are getting big. We all laughed when they were splashing us when they were swimming!

We had fun travelling through, under and over equipment in PE.

We looked at repeating patterns in maths.

We made bookmarks using plastic needles, hessian and wool in our understanding the world lesson (DT).


Spring 2 Week 4

As part of STEM week, we carried out the skittles experiment. We then talked about what a scientist is and then drew pictures of them.

Our duck eggs have arrived!

We went on a 3D shape hunt around the classroom in maths.

The Reception children went on a minibeast hunt. They found a spider, ants, lots of worms and a woodlouse!

We looked at the tricky words on the pirates ship.

We have ducklings!

We have named the ducklings Fluffy, Rose, Cake and Cake.

The ducklings enjoyed a morning swim!

We have been making habitats for minibeasts.

We have been painting pictures of our ducklings.

We had the wonderful storyteller Sue Allonby in to tell us two stories! The stories had lots of animals in and were traditional stories.